Art Comes to the Vineyard – The Story of Gaia

Art has always been an integral part of the Saffron Fields story.  You see it in the building design, the landscaping, the fine works that grace the tasting room and the surrounding gardens and, of course, in the wine.  August and September 2023 will see the second annual Gaia show, hosting new works from large-format ceramicist Katy McFadden, wood sculptor Rick Crawford and metal and wood sculptor Phil Seder.

The show debuted in 2022, the naming inspired by the earth elements that each of the artists integrate into their work: clay from the ground, wood from the forests and metals from deep within the earth.   You can see them all during August and September.  An artist reception will be held on Saturday, August 12th from 4:00 to 7:00. Free reservations for the reception are encouraged.

All three artists are well known regionally and internationally.  Their work can be found in both reputable galleries and public installations.  All three teach or participate in international artist collaborations regularly. As you pass through the tasting room and stroll the grounds, take some moments to enjoy the craftsmanship and creativity of this year’s installation.

Sculpture of heron.

Katy McFadden

Katy’s work (you are probably already familiar with those two large people that have been permanently standing across the pond) often features human-scale ceramic compositions that use incredible glaze tones that harmonize with the surrounding landscape and countryside.  Katy is a master of creation when it comes to work that finds a natural home in garden settings, whether it be small urban plots, large estates or public venues.

Pairings: Natural garden settings.  Pinot Noir. Chardonnay

Large vase on a deck.

Rick Crawford

Rick works exclusively with repurposed wood, especially if it has any historic significance in its origin. The Douglas fir pieces in this exhibition are salvaged from repair work along Astoria’s Historic Riverwalk. He strives to showcase the life story of the tree when carving his sculptures. He frequently scorches the final sculpture, employing the ancient Japanese technique of carmelizing the wood, called “Shou Sugi Ban,” a method of preserving the wood. Many pieces will then receive a patina, while others will be oiled

Pairings: Indoor settings with natural wood accents.  Pinot Noir. Chardonnay

Metal art - Port hole slab.

Phil Seder

Phil employs metal and wood to create pieces with both visual and, sometimes, tonal quality.  Much of the wood used comes from the same Tillamook burn salvage used to build the Saffron Fields tasting room.  While many of his sculptures used repurposed material, such as scuba tanks for bells, Phil also believes in using hand-crafted original fittings to create work that simply cannot be mass produced.  You can especially see this in his bells which often use hand-forged fittings, clear down to nuts and bolts and, occasionally, even nails.   His newer body of wood sculpture often employs primitivist motifs inspired by time spent living in Africa and his world travels.

Pairings: Garden landscaping and modernist of wood-rich indoor setting.  Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, of course.

We hope you have a chance to visit and enjoy this wonderful selection of sculpture.  Please ask your tasting room staff about acquiring any of the work at this year’s Gaia show.

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