The Twenty-Year Dream

Twenty years ago, Sanjeev and I bought a grass seed farm in Yamhill, Oregon.  He wanted to grow wine grapes.  I longed to see rainbows over the Coast Range.

Our dream started with our travels to Napa and Sonoma in the 1990s. We loved staying at local B&Bs and visiting the wineries recommended to us based on our shared interest in art and architecture. In the early 2000s, Sanjeev proposed making our forever home in the Oregon wine country. Oregon was then emerging as a premier growing and production region, especially for coveted Pinot Noir grapes.  There were less than 200 wineries in Oregon at the time, compared to around 800 today.  He had been to Portland many times on business. I had never been to Oregon.  I didn’t fully appreciate the Oregon rainy season, but I knew it took rain to make rainbows.

On Thanksgiving weekend, 2003, we flew to Oregon and drove to McMinnville. Our real estate agent said we must have brought the good weather with us; it had been raining for two weeks.  She drove us toward Yamhill and then up Morrelli Drive.  We walked across the field to the north side of a pump house, looking down across the fields that today are vineyards.  The sky was blue, and the sun lit the Coast Range.  It was beautiful.

We visited three other properties the next day in constant rain. We slid in the mud and got caked with it. I twisted my ankle. Those properties were memorable, but not for good reasons.

Before going to the airport, we hurried back to the Morrelli property for one last look.   We walked across the field to the pump house. A fine mist had lifted, and a break of light shone through the clouds. Then, it appeared – a rainbow across the valley. I turned to Sanjeev and said, “I think I can do this.” And, that was it.

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