Musings – Winter 2022/2023

I love winter at Saffron Fields. The rain replenishes the wells, vineyard, ponds, and garden left thirsty by the summer sun.  The rain can come as a mist that triggers a late morning rainbow or as a morning deluge that opens to blue skies by afternoon. The weather is never frightful, because the tasting room is always warm [...]

January 13, 2023|Musings|

Seasons – Winter 2022/2023

It’s sleepy time in the vineyards. As fog settles in the valley, we can often see the snow glistening on the high ridgelines as we look west to the coastal mountains. Nourishing rain flows off their slopes, a welcome relief from the dry summer and early fall conditions. Down at the tasting room, the koi have retreated to the depth [...]

January 13, 2023|Seasons|

Tastings – Winter 2022/2023

What’s in a glass? More specifically, what is the origin and purpose of the large-bowled Pinot Noir glass? Did you know that you can empty an entire 750 ML bottle of Pinot into one of those glasses? But the Pinot glass is more than a way to look your doctor in the eye and swear that you strictly limit yourself [...]

January 13, 2023|Tastings|

Place – Winter 2022/2023

A Pinot Noir is like the eponymous cream-filled cookie. Some eat only the inside. Some eat only the outside. Some eat the two together. With that deeply philosophical introduction to wine appreciation, let’s tell you why Saffron Fields’ 2020 wines (released fall 2022) are a special treat for those who go straight for that creamy center filling. Let’s be [...]

January 13, 2023|Place|
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