Seasons – Spring 2024

Spring in the Vineyard Glance up the hillside as you saunter towards the Saffron Fields tasting room and you may see Daniel Fey’s crew up among the vines.  What they are doing up there depends on the month and the whims of Mother Nature.  Come spring, several tasks require attention, some more mechanical, such as placing and moving trellis wire, [...]

April 16, 2024|Seasons|

Place – Spring 2024

Something Fishy at Saffron People visit us for our vibrant reds, creamy whites, and, of course, our luscious oranges, not to mention our dark blacks.  Oranges and blacks, you say?  We’re talking fish here.  And not just any fish, but our wonderful, sometimes temperamental koi inhabiting one of two ponds adjacent to our tasting room. You might miss our koi [...]

April 16, 2024|Place|

Tastings – Spring 2024

What’s Oak Got To Do With It? So much goes into making a fine wine.  There’s site selection, vine management, harvest decisions, fermenting time, aging time and yeast selection.  Then you have blending, bottling, and release.  There are all the twists and turns mother nature throws at us: frost, rain, smoke, and heat. And then there are the barrels.  To [...]

April 16, 2024|Tastings|

Angela Summers Named Yamhill’s 2024 Local Business Person of the Year

B2B platform Alignable names Angela Summers – Yamhill’s 2024 Local Business Person of the Year and a 2024 Community Supporter.  Alignable is a small business referral network with 25,000 plus communities. It allows business owners to build a relationship based on trust to reinforce referrals. Alignable works by connecting business communities together and increasing word-of-mouth for their business. Congratulations, Angela! [...]

March 20, 2024|News|

Place – Winter 2024

The 2021 Vintage Remember 2021? Just when vaccinations made us feel more like going out, the dreaded heat dome hit, sending us fleeing back inside with valley temperatures reaching as high as 116 degrees.  That’s Phoenix hot.  That’s fir tree frying hot.  And the impact on the vintage?  Not so bad.  2021 is now being considered a stellar vintage, producing [...]

February 5, 2024|Place|

Seasons – Winter 2024

Do Vines Care How Long The Winter Is? The question has been posed to us: do vines care if the winter is short or long?  This is a tricky one.  First, on a fundamental level, this is a deeply philosophical and ethical question.  To care is to have consciousness.  Do vines have consciousness?  A plant lover might say yes.  Or [...]

February 5, 2024|Seasons|

Musings – Winter 2024

The Twenty-Year Dream Twenty years ago, Sanjeev and I bought a grass seed farm in Yamhill, Oregon.  He wanted to grow wine grapes.  I longed to see rainbows over the Coast Range. Our dream started with our travels to Napa and Sonoma in the 1990s. We loved staying at local B&Bs and visiting the wineries recommended to us based on [...]

February 5, 2024|Musings|

Tastings – Winter 2024

Wine+Chocolate=Delicious! You’ve all seen this scene before:  the kids have been shuffled off to the grandparents’ house.  A nice bottle of wine has been consumed.  Your partner has that gleam in his eye as he leans over, gently kisses your neck and whispers, “Don’t you think that maybe tonight dear, we should have…chocolate.” Yes, because, let’s face it: nothing pairs [...]

February 5, 2024|Tastings|

Featured in Travel Oregon’s “Enjoy Art With Your Pinot at These Oregon Wineries”

Thank you to Travel Oregon and author Kerry Newberry for this lovely look into the art featured at our estate! "Can art change how you experience wine? If there’s one place you can decide, it’s at Saffron Fields Vineyards" "The perfect spot to contemplate existence" Read the full article.

February 5, 2024|News|

Taste of Bordeaux Wine Cruise with Saffron Fields

Embark on an extraordinary river cruise through Bordeaux alongside Saffron Fields Vineyard owner Angela Summers. Discover the heart of France's wine culture as you explore iconic châteaux, timeless vineyards, and indulge in delicious tastings. Join us for an exclusive wine festival in Bourg, savor Grand Cru Classé wines, and immerse yourself in the world of viticulture at Bordeaux's Cité du Vin Museum. [...]

November 12, 2023|News|

Place – Fall 2023

The Saffron Garden Quick: What do Rockford, Illinois, Dubuque, Iowa, Portland, Oregon, Delray Beach, Florida, and Yamhill, Oregon all have in common? According to our favorite fount-o- knowledge ChatGPT, nothing. But in fact, each of them boasts a Hoichi Kurisu-designed Japanese garden, in the case of Yamhill, housed on the grounds of our own Saffron Fields Vineyard. Many times over [...]

November 5, 2023|Place|
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