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Saffron Fields Wines

We love making wine from our grapes.  We refer to these wines as our Estate wines. These are the wines that speak to the heart and soul of Saffron Fields Vineyard.  We also showcase the different aromas and flavors of the Willamette Valley through our Spectrum and Willamette Valley wines.  To celebrate our clones, we select two each year that best express the vintage.  The Estate Single Clones are only available to our Saffron Club members.

By the way, the Saffron Club is one of the best ways to enjoy our Estate wines. You get early access to our Estate wines and exclusive access to the Estate Single Clones.  Three times a year we ship you (or you pick up) a selection of 4 to 12 bottles. During special promotions, Saffron Club members get exclusive access to our library wines of older vintages and limited quantity labels.  To find out about more member benefits, visit the Saffron Club page.


Estate Wines

Our Estate wines are made with 100% estate fruit. Our vineyard is planted with different clones of pinot noir and chardonnay. Each clone has a unique taste and aroma, much like while a rose is a rose, each variety displays unique color and fragrance. When blended the overlay of the different clones creates something completely new and juicy.

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Single Clone Wines

Saffron Fields Vineyard has blocks planted with different pinot noir clones. Each year, two clones are featured in a single clone label to showcase their aroma, texture and taste. Estate single clone wines are available to club members or by special promotions only.


Willamette Valley Wines

Our first label, Yamhill-Carlton, celebrates our AVA. This label expands that view to the best of our AVA’s home in the Willamette Valley. Wine made from estate fruit and fruit from other local vineyards is blended to produce an affordable, drink it every day, wine. Drink Spectrum while cheering your favorite football team.

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Saffron Fields Fireworks

Event Tickets

In addition to our exquisite tastings, throughout the year we host a variety of fun and educational events. From our famous 4th of July part to art showings to private tastings with Angela, check out the current offerings in our store.



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